Mistakes Will Be Made

A look at....more mistakes

You probably saw that Beeple's, Everydays: the First 5,000 Days, just went at auction for over $60,000,000.

Awesome for Beeple and seemingly great news for the legitimacy of NFTs.

It also likely represents a bullish event for B20, a token that backs the purchases of 20 individual 1/1 pieces from Beeple, as well as some premium land in prominent metaverses.

I’m a B20 holder. But I’m a little conflicted.

On February 13th, at 7:34am, I tried to buy my first B20 tokens.

Here's the chart.

Around this time, $1 = ~ 1 B20.

Here's my attempted transaction.

Inexplicably, this transaction failed, and I didn't know (and still don't know) why it happened.

Weary of potential gas fees in trying a bunch of times and failing, I eased back in, next time trying a transaction for .11 ETH. It was successful.

Fast-forward to today, and the price of B20 has risen to $18.62 at the time of writing (with an all-time high above $28)..meaning a successful first transaction would be worth around ~$17,000 (about $25,000 at peak).

Bittersweet to say the least.

But mistakes are a part of the game, especially when the game is as speculative as the current NFT market.

This incident is just one of the mistakes I’ve documented in the last few weeks. You can read about some others here.

Previously though, a couple of mistakes in a row would have pushed me into conservatism. I would have been acting and hoping to avoid future mistakes and the emotional toll that comes with them.

But, for whatever reason, the opposite has happened here. My increasing conviction and confidence has helped steer me back towards taking chances which I’ve previously backed away from.

It seems like my only choice.

I’ve got to be able to move beyond mistakes and to do so quickly.

I won’t make it to jobless any other way.